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Windows 8: Run Windows Media Player for the First Time

By Andy Rathbone

The first time you open the desktop’s Windows Media Player in Windows 8, an opening screen asks how to deal with the player’s settings for privacy, storage, and the music store. The screen offers two options:

  • Recommended Settings: Designed for the impatient, this option loads Windows Media Player with Microsoft’s chosen settings in place. Windows Media Player sets itself up as the default player for most of your music and video, but not your MP3 files.

    (The Music app still holds title to those, the most common digital music format.) Windows Media Player will sweep the Internet to update your songs’ title information, and it tells Microsoft what you’re listening to and watching. Choose Express if you’re in a hurry; you can always customize the settings some other time.

  • Custom Settings: Aimed at the fine-tuners and the privacy-conscious folks, this choice lets you micromanage Windows Media Player’s behavior. A series of screens lets you choose the types of music and video that the player can play, and you can control how much of your listening habits should be sent to Microsoft. Choose this option only if you have time to wade through several minutes of boring option screens.

If you later want to customize any Windows Media Player settings — either those chosen for you in Express setup or the ones you’ve chosen in Custom setup — click Windows Media Player’s Organize button in the top-left corner and choose Options.

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