Where’s the Start Button in Windows 8? - dummies

Where’s the Start Button in Windows 8?

By Andy Rathbone

Windows 8 dropped something integral to every version of Windows for more than a decade: the Start button. That little round button that lived in your screen’s bottom-left corner lives no more.

Although the button has disappeared, the Start menu of old lives on as the new tile-filled Start screen. So, instead of clicking the Start button to summon a menu and launch programs, summon Windows 8’s Start screen with these tricks:

  • Mouse: Point in the screen’s bottom-left corner, and a thumbnail image of the Start screen appears. Click that thumbnail image, and the Start screen fills the screen.

  • Keyboard: Press the Windows key. Most keyboards have two of them, one near each side of the spacebar.

  • Touchscreen: All Windows 8 tablets come with a built-in Windows button, usually centered just below the screen. (Look for the Windows logo on it.) Push that button with your finger to return to the Start screen. (Press it again to return to your previous screen.)

Choose any of the preceding methods, and the Start screen emerges, filling the entire screen. To return to the desktop, click the Start screen’s Desktop tile. (You can also head for the Start screen from the Charms bar, a new Windows 8 feature.)

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