View Your Flickr Photos in the Windows 8 Photo App - dummies

View Your Flickr Photos in the Windows 8 Photo App

If you are running Windows 8 with a Microsoft account, you can connect it to your Flickr account. After doing so, you can use the Photos app to open a Flickr photo album and then swipe through the images in that album. Alternatively, you can open just an individual image for viewing. You can then navigate through the other images in the same album. Follow these steps to connect your Flickr account to Windows 8.

1In the Photos app, tap Flickr photos.

Windows 8 prompts you to connect to Flickr.

2Tap Connect.

Windows 8 asks for your Yahoo! Sign-in data. Type your Yahoo! ID and password.

Be sure to also check the Keep me signed in checkbox if you are the only person who uses this tablet. (If you select this feature on a tablet that other people use, they will be able to see all of your Flickr photos, which may — or may not — matter to you.)

3Tap Sign In.

Yahoo! asks you to give permission for your Microsoft account to access your Flickr account.

4Tap Ok, I’ll Authorize It.

Yahoo! authorizes your Microsoft account.

5Tap Done.

You can now view your Flickr photos within the Photos app.

6To view your Flickr photos in the Photos app, tap Flickr photos.

To scroll through the photos in a Flickr album, open the album and swipe left. Each swipe tells the Photos app to display the next screenful of images from the album. Repeat this step to continue viewing the album images, or to return to the previous screenful of images, swipe right.

Or to view an individual image in full-screen mode, tap the image. From here, you can still swipe left or right to see the next or previous images.