View Your Facebook Photos in the Windows 8 Photos App - dummies

View Your Facebook Photos in the Windows 8 Photos App

If you are running Windows 8 with a Microsoft account and you have connected that account to your Facebook profile, you can use the Photos app to view your Facebook photos. After you open a Facebook photo album, you can swipe through the images in it. Alternatively, you could open just an individual image for viewing. You can then navigate through the other images in the same album.

Follow these steps to connect Windows 8 to Facebook and to view your Facebook photos.

1On the Start screen, tap People.

The People app loads.

2Tap Connected to and then tap Add an account.

The Accounts pane appears.

3Tap Facebook.

The People app displays a description of the Facebook connection.

4Tap Connect.

Facebook prompts you to log in to your account. Type your Facebook e-mail address and your Facebook password, just as if you were logging onto the Facebook site from your browser. Be sure to select the Keep me logged in check box.

5Tap Log In.

Windows 8 connects your Facebook account to your Microsoft account. Tap Done, and you’ve successfully connected Windows 8 with Facebook.

6To view your Facebook Photos, in the Photos app, tap Facebook, as shown in 1.

Your Facebook photo albums appear.

7Tap the album that contains the images you want to view, as shown in 2.

The Photos app displays the images in the album (A).

8Swipe left and right to scroll through the album.

To view a specific image, tap it. The image is displayed. Swipe left to see the next image. You can return to the previous image by swiping right.