Turning on Family Safety - dummies

By Andy Rathbone

Unlike some other tablet operating systems, Windows 8 lets several people share a single tablet. Everybody can have his or her own account, which keeps everybody’s files separate. However, parents can still monitor and control their children’s tablet usage with Windows 8’s Family Safety feature.

Whenever you create a new user account in Windows 8, Windows automatically asks whether you’d like to turn on Family Safety. But if you didn’t turn it on when first creating the account, follow these steps to both turn it on and select the features appropriate for your child:

  1. Fetch the Charms bar by sliding your finger inward from the screen’s right edge. Then tap the Search icon.

  2. When the Search icon appears, tap in the Search box to bring up the keyboard. Then type Family Safety into the Search box, and tap the Settings icon beneath the box.

  3. Tap Family Safety from the Settings search window.

  4. When the Family Safety window appears, tap the account you’d like to monitor. (Or, create a new user account for somebody you’d like to monitor.)

  5. Turn on the Family Safety settings with a tap of the On switch.

  6. Choose the categories you’d like to enforce, and set the limits.

    Family Safety offers four categories:

    • Web Filtering: This lets you block everything on the web except for sites you enter on the approved list.

    • Time Limits: Here, you can control which hours your child may access the PC. Time Limits presents a grid where you select the hours when the child isn’t allowed to sign on to their account.

    • Windows Store and Game Restrictions: This area lets you ban all games or just a few you’d rather they not play. You can also ban games by rating. (The rating system appears on the box of most games.)

    • App Restrictions: Windows 8 uses the term “app” to describe both Start screen apps and desktop programs. Accordingly, this area lets you block all apps and programs, or only allow access to the ones that you choose.

  7. Your changes take place immediately, so feel free to close the Family Safety window without looking for a Save button.