The Pirates Love Daisies Game App for Windows 8.1 - dummies

The Pirates Love Daisies Game App for Windows 8.1

By Woody Leonhard

A big Microsoft score for the Windows 8.1 platform and an early port to HTML5, Pirates Love Daisies is a thoroughly modern rendition of a class of games called Tower Defense.


Microsoft convinced Flash programming guru Grant Skinner to try his hand at an HTML5 game. Just like Cut the Rope, it was an attempt on Microsoft’s part to demonstrate that HTML5 had the moxie to carry along a real-world game. The result is a fun and playable game that isn’t overly sophisticated and doesn’t rely on zombies.

The back story reverberates with pre-teen swashbucklers: “Davy Jones is sending his scurvy minions to steal your most valuable possessions: your daisies. Only your stalwart crew can stop them before they take all your fragrant flowers to the murky depths. Hire new crew members and place them strategically to prevent the creeps from nabbing your daisies and returning to the water from whence they came.”

In other words, shoot the crawling things before they take your daisies and crawl back in “the water from whence they came.” “From whence” must be a pirate phrase or something. Arghhh.

When you bring up the main screen, tap or click Help to get a general overview.


The key thing to realize about Pirates Love Daisies is that your sole point of interaction is in placing one of the characters in a specific location on the map. You don’t fire the guns or swash the buckles. The characters do that all by themselves — no clicking required.

When you have enough gold stored (accumulated by killing the creepy critters), tap or click one of the characters, and then tap or click at the base of one of the picks that appears. The character is transported to the location you click and starts fighting all by himself.

A simple strategy for dealing with the first level: Put a lot of pirates at the entrance to the bridge. Then put more pirates next to the daisy field to fend off flying critters.