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The Birzzle Game App for Windows 8.1

By Woody Leonhard

Birzzle is an unlikely name, but it’s a fascinating free game that works great on the Windows 8.1 platform. Birzzle, made by a Korean company, started out on the iPad in 2011. But it carries across nicely to Windows 8.1.

A seven-day Birzzle trial is free, but go beyond seven days, and you’ll have to cough up $2.49.

Actually, Birzzle isn’t one game; it’s two.

The first, Birzzle Classic, is a very fast-action drag-and-drop block matching game — get three of the same birds together and bzzzzzz–zap! They disappear in a puff of feathers. More birds fall down from the top.


When a trio (or more) of birds is about to explode, they start vibrating. Pour on more birds, and they’re taken out in the conflagration. Power Birds are also part of the mix — Power Birds are associated with larger explosions, but it’s hard to tell. If you can get a Power Bird lined up with similar colored birds, the whole bunch can blast holes up, down, and sideways. Just keep dragging birds as fast as you can.

The second game, Birzzle Ice Break has more frenzied action, but in a slightly different way: Birds come diving out of a chute, and you control where they land. There are flying eggs, fuzzy Power Birds, ice blocks, and hourglasses thrown in for distraction.


Of course, the company that makes Birzzle wants you to buy its more advanced game, Panorama. If it’s even half as good as Classic and Ice Break, it has to be a winner.