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Ten Tips for Getting Things Done Online in Windows 8

By Andy Rathbone

Windows 8 gives you a lot of options for where and when you access the Internet. For example, you might be surfing on your mobile device while microwaving your lunch. Following are some tips for optimizing your web surfing experience.

Avoid interference when connecting to the Internet

Cordless phones and microwave ovens can interfere with wireless networks. Try to keep your cordless phone out of the same room as your wireless PC.

Flash with IE

When navigating the Internet with Internet Explorer, remember that the Start screen’s browser can only display Flash on a list of Microsoft-approved websites.

Do you need to search for the Search box?

If you’re trying to find something on the Internet, remember that both versions of Internet Explorer in Windows 8 remove the Search box. Instead, type your search term directly into the Address Bar and press Enter.

How to unzip in Windows 8

When saving information from the Internet, note that many downloaded files come packaged in a tidy folder with a zipper on it, known as a Zip file. Just double-click one to see inside it.

Social media accounts

In Windows 8, you can view your friends’ Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn messages and photos directly from the People app.

Windows 8 e-mail folders

Created folders in your Gmail account? When you click your Google account, the Mail app lists those folders beneath the Map app’s own folders.

People app can be unfriendly

The People app handles much of its upkeep automatically, axing people you’ve unfriended on Facebook, for example, and slyly removing contacts who’ve unfriended you, as well.

Mail app attachments

When you are corresponding with Windows 8’s Mail app, remember that an attachment is a file that piggybacks onto an e-mail message. You can send or receive any type of file as an attachment.

Go phish!

If you’ve already entered your name and password into a phishing site, take action immediately: Visit the real website and change your password.

Family Safety controls have limits

Although the Family Safety controls work well, few things in the computer world are foolproof. If you’re worried about your children’s computer use, cast an occasional eye their way.

For more information about Windows 8 and its features, explore Windows 8 For Dummies, available online.