Summon the Windows 8 Start Screen and Open Apps - dummies

Summon the Windows 8 Start Screen and Open Apps

By Andy Rathbone

The Start button no longer lives in the desktop’s bottom-left corner in Windows 8. Now, simply pointing and clicking at that little corner of desktop real estate fetches the new Windows 8 Start screen. When the Start screen appears, you click the app or program you’d like to run.

To visit the Start screen from the desktop, as well as to revisit any recently opened apps, follow these steps:

  1. Point the mouse cursor at your screen’s bottom-left corner.

    A tiny thumbnail-sized Start screen icon rears its head. Click it to return to the Start screen.

    Or, if you want to return to any currently running apps, move to the next step.


  2. When the Start screen icon appears, slowly raise your mouse pointer along the screen’s left edge.

    As you move the pointer up the screen’s edge, thumbnails of your open apps appear, leaving you with several choices:

    • *To return to an open app, click its thumbnail. The desktop disappears, and the app fills the screen, looking just as you last left it. Return to the Internet Explorer app, for example, and you’ll see the web page you last visited.

    • To return to the desktop from any app, head for the Start screen and click the Desktop tile. Or, if you spot a Desktop thumbnail among the list of recently used apps, click the Desktop thumbnail to return to the desktop.

    • To close an open app, right-click its thumbnail and choose Close. The app disappears from the screen, leaving you at the desktop.

You can also fetch the Start screen by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or tablet.

For more information about Windows 8 and its features, explore Windows 8 For Dummies, available online.