Six Tips for Working with the Windows 8 Desktop - dummies

Six Tips for Working with the Windows 8 Desktop

By Andy Rathbone

Most new Windows 8 users have used earlier versions of Windows. Moving around in Windows 8 will be very familiar to most of you, however, there are a few things that might leave you scratching your head and wondering. The following tips might help answer some pressing questions:

Where did the Start button go?

The Windows 8 desktop lacks a Start button but otherwise looks identical to Windows 7.

Where did My Documents go?

Windows 8 places your My Documents folder inside your Documents library. Makes more sense than in the Pictures library!

Is there a difference between wallpaper and the screen background?

Many people refer to the background simply as wallpaper.

What’s that icon all about?

If you plug a digital camcorder, cell phone, or other device into your PC, the Windows Explorer window will often sprout a new icon representing your device.

Why is the taskbar way down there?

To move the taskbar from the desktop’s bottom edge, try dragging it to your screen’s side. If it doesn’t move, right-click the taskbar and click Lock the Taskbar to remove the check mark by that option.

How can you burn CDs and DVDs quickly?

For quick CD or DVD burning, put a shortcut to your disc drive on your desktop. Burning files to disc becomes as simple as dragging and dropping them onto the new shortcut.

For more information about Windows 8 and its features, explore Windows 8 For Dummies, available online.