Pinning Windows Media Player to the Windows 8.1 Start Menu or Taskbar

By Woody Leonhard

The first problem you’re likely to have with Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1? Finding it! There’s a long list of applications that are built into Windows 8.1 but are hard to find. Windows Media Player is probably the most-often-used program on the list.

Here’s the quick way to bring it back:

  1. Flip over to the Start screen.

    If you’re looking at the desktop, press the Windows key on your keyboard or push the Windows button on your tablet. Say hello to the tiled interface.

  2. Immediately type media.

    Windows fills out the rest of the name as you type (!), and Windows Media Player appears on the right side of the screen.


  3. Tap and hold or right-click the Windows Media Player link in the upper-right corner.

    Windows pops up a little text box.

  4. Tap or click Pin to Start if you want a tile for WMP to appear on the Metro Start screen. Tap or click Pin to Taskbar if you want to put a WMP icon on your desktop taskbar.

    You might want to put WMP on your Start screen but not on your taskbar. Why? You might not use WMP to play media all the time.