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Pick and Choose Windows 8 Files, Folders, and Accounts to Transfer

By Andy Rathbone

No matter what route you choose to transfer your files to Windows 8, you’ll eventually face the window similar to the one shown here, along with the program’s stern demand: Choose What to Transfer.


This window appears on your old PC if you’re transferring by portable drive; the window appears on your new PC if you’re transferring by cable or network.

To transfer everything from all your old PC’s user accounts to accounts on your new PC, simply click the Transfer button. If your new PC has enough space, the program copies everything from your old PC to your new PC. You can always delete unwanted items later from your new PC if you want.

But if your new PC doesn’t have enough storage space or you don’t want everything copied, here’s how to choose which items to transfer:

  • User accounts: Here’s your chance to weed out user accounts you don’t want to transfer: Windows Easy Transfer puts a check mark next to each user account it will transfer. Click to remove the check mark from the user accounts you don’t want transferred.

  • Advanced Options: Haven’t set up accounts for everybody on your new PC? The Advanced Options area, just above the Transfer button, lets you create new accounts on your new PC and then fill them with the appropriate incoming files. This area also comes in handy for old PCs with two or more drives, as it lets you map which drive’s contents go to which drive on your new PC.

  • Customize: Sometimes you don’t need it all. To pick and choose which categories of items should be transferred from each account, click the Customize link under each account’s name.


    A window pops up, letting you exclude certain categories. Remove the check mark from My Videos, for example, to grab everything but your videos from your old PC. After customizing your transfer, click the little red X in the pop-up window’s top-right corner to return to the Choose What to Transfer window.

  • Advanced: The Advanced link, shown at the bottom of the pop-up list, is meant for techies who enjoy micromanaging. If you click it, you arrive at a tree of folder and filenames. This area lets you pick and choose individual files and folders to copy. It’s overkill for most people, but it’s an option, nevertheless. When you’re done, click the Save button to return to the Choose What to Transfer window.

When you’re through fine-tuning the process, click the Transfer button to begin copying your carefully selected files and settings to your new Windows 8 PC.

For more information about Windows 8 and its features, explore Windows 8 For Dummies, available online.