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Open Your Windows 8 Tablet’s Start Screen’s Internet Explorer App

By Andy Rathbone

To open the Start screen’s browser on your Windows 8 tablet, tap its icon on the Start screen. The browser opens, filling the screen as shown.


When opened, the Start screen’s browser will show one of these three things:

  • Your home page: When opened for the first time, the Start screen’s browser displays your home page: a favorite site you’ve chosen to display whenever you open Internet Explorer. If you haven’t chosen a home page Microsoft fills the screen with one of its own websites.

  • Your last-visited site: Unless you specifically closed the browser after your last visit, the browser will display the same site you last visited.

  • You’re not connected: When the browser displays this alarming message, it means your tablet isn’t receiving an Internet connection.

But no matter which page your browser displays upon opening, notice how the page completely fills the screen. That makes the page easier to read, but it also highlights the Internet Explorer app’s greatest weakness: The browser hides all of its menus.

You probably won’t miss the menus much, though. The browser loads quickly, and you can easily tap one page’s links to jump to another page. The fast-loading browser excels at serving up quick bits of information, which is what most people need from the Start screen. If you need more power, head for the desktop version of Internet Explorer.