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Manage Appointments in Windows 8 Calendar App

By Andy Rathbone

When you start working with Windows 8 and enter your social networking accounts, such as Facebook and Google, you’ve already stocked the Windows 8 Calendar app with appointments entered by both you and your online friends.

The Calendar displays your Facebook friends’ birthdays, for example — if your Facebook friends have chosen to share that information. You can also find any appointments you’ve made in Google’s calendar, a handy perk for owners of Android phones.

To see your appointments, click the Start screen’s Calendar tile. The Calendar app appears, listing all your online appointments.


Very few people keep all their appointments online, though, so you’ll occasionally need to edit some entries, add new ones, or delete those you can no longer attend.

The Calendar opens to show a monthly view. To switch to other views, right-click the calendar app to fetch the App bar; then click the Day, Week, or Month button.

No matter which view the Calendar app displays, you can flip through the appointments by clicking the little arrows near the screen’s top corners. Click the right arrow to move forward in time; click the left arrow to move backward.

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