Make Windows Open to the Same Size in Windows 8 - dummies

Make Windows Open to the Same Size in Windows 8

By Andy Rathbone

In Windows 8, sometimes a window opens to a small square; other times, it opens to fill the entire screen. But windows rarely open to the exact size you want. Until you discover this trick, that is: When you manually adjust the size and placement of a window, Windows 8 memorizes that size and always reopens the window to that same size. Follow these three steps to see how it works:

  1. Open your window.

    The window opens to its usual unwanted size.

  2. Drag the window’s corners until the window is the exact size and in the exact location you want. Let go of the mouse to drop the corner into its new position.

    Be sure to resize the window manually by dragging its corners or edges with the mouse. Simply clicking the Maximize button won’t work.

  3. Immediately close the window.

    Windows memorizes the size and placement of a window at the time it was last closed. When you open that window again, it should open to the same size you last left it. But the changes you make apply only to the program you made them in. For example, changes made to the Internet Explorer window will be remembered only for Internet Explorer, not for other programs you open.

Most windows follow these sizing rules, but a few renegades from other programs may misbehave, unfortunately.

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