Launch a Windows 8 Start Screen Program or App - dummies

Launch a Windows 8 Start Screen Program or App

By Andy Rathbone

Windows 8 stocks your Start screen with apps — small programs for performing simple tasks. In fact, Windows 8 now refers to all Windows programs as apps. (It even refers to your once almighty desktop as the Desktop app.)

Each tile on the Start screen is a button for starting an app or traditional Windows program. Click the button, and the program or app jumps into action. Windows 8 complicates matters, as it offers several ways to push a button:

  • Mouse: Point at the tile and click the left mouse button.

  • Keyboard: Press the arrow keys until a box surrounds the desired tile. Then press the Enter key.

  • Touchscreens: Tap the tile with your finger.

No matter which item you’ve chosen, it fills the screen, ready to inform you, entertain you, or maybe even do both.

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