How to View the Windows 8.1 App Groups - dummies

How to View the Windows 8.1 App Groups

Windows 8.1 organizes the apps into a number of different groups. These groups vary according to the sort order that you’ve selected. To view app groups rather than the individual apps, click or pinch the Zoom icon in the lower-right corner of your screen.


Although the app group display looks similar to the zoomed out view of the Start screen, you can only view the groups, not rearrange them.

To close the app group display, click (or tap) a blank spot on your screen.

To return to your Start screen, swipe down (or click the up arrow).


Any changes you make to the sort order when you’re viewing the All Apps display will be saved so that the same sort order is used the next time you view that display. Your changes won’t, however, modify how the tiles are displayed on the Start screen.