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How to Use Print Preview in Windows 8

By Andy Rathbone

The Print Preview option, found on nearly every program’s File menu, foretells your printing fate before the words hit paper. Printing often requires a leap of faith: You choose Print from the menu and wait for the paper to emerge from the printer. If you’re blessed, the page looks fine. But if you’re cursed, you’ve wasted yet another sheet of paper.

Print Preview compares your current work with your program’s page settings and then displays a detailed picture of the printed page. That preview makes it easy to spot off-kilter margins, dangling sentences, and other printing fouls.

The File-->Print preview command in Paint.
The File–>Print preview command in Paint.

Different programs use slightly different Print Preview screens, with some offering more insight than others. But almost any program’s Print Preview screen lets you know whether everything will fit onto the page correctly.

If the preview looks fine, choose Print to send the work to the printer. If something looks wrong, however, click Close to return to your work and make any necessary adjustments.

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