How to Type Emoticons on Your Windows 8 Tablet - dummies

How to Type Emoticons on Your Windows 8 Tablet

By Andy Rathbone

Windows 8 carries the text-based smiley into the future by supporting dozens of emoticons. Sometimes called emoji characters, emoticons are these little characters that grew from the simple smiley face created from a colon, a dash, and a right parenthesis: :-).


To insert an emoticon, press the smiley key. The Emoticon keyboard appears.


The keyboard first shows the smiley faces shown. However, pressing any of the keys along the bottom lets you choose among six other categories of symbols: holiday, food, travel, weather, miscellaneous, and text. The text category is a quick way to add text-based smiley faces when sending e-mail.

And that brings us to the problem with special characters: Few of these little symbols translate well between programs, computers, and e-mail systems. They’ll work most reliably if you’re sending them between two Windows 8 computers.

However, if you’re sending them to somebody not using Windows 8, stick with the last emoticon button, which lets you insert the time-tested text-based smileys: :-(.

You can still use emoticons as clipart when creating flyers and posters. Insert them into your document; then enlarge their font size to make them as large as you want.