How to Turn on Your Windows 8 Tablet the First Time - dummies

How to Turn on Your Windows 8 Tablet the First Time

By Andy Rathbone

To turn on your tablet, press its power button. Windows 8 tablets usually load within a few seconds — much faster than your desktop computer. When you first turn on your tablet, Windows 8 runs you through a series of fairly simple steps, all described here:

  1. Choose your favorite color scheme.

    These colors then appear on your screen’s background.

  2. Choose a wireless network and password, if asked.

    You can skip this and connect later, if you wish.

  3. Choose Express Setup.

    This tells your tablet to connect with your wireless network, if you have one, as well as to turn on automatic updates to download security patches and new drivers.

  4. Sign in with a Microsoft account.

    Welcome to Windows 8!

When you first turn on your tablet, note the location of the switch’s glowing power light. As you hold your tablet in different positions, the screen constantly rotates to be right-side up. But by remembering the location of the power light, you’ll always find your glowing power button, even in a dark room.

Another press of your tablet’s power button puts it to sleep, a low-power slumbering mode that saves power, but allows for quick startup times when you need to jot something down. Sleep mode still consumes battery life, but at barely a trickle.

To turn off your tablet completely, press and hold the On/Off button. When all the tablet’s lights turn off, the tablet’s turned off. It takes a few seconds longer to turn back on, but you conserve a little bit of extra battery life, a handy trick when your next power outlet is two villages down the road.