How to Resize Files on the Windows 8.1 Start Screen - dummies

How to Resize Files on the Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Windows 8.1 doubles the number of tile sizes on the Start screen compared with what is available in Windows 8. Now you can choose small, medium, wide, or large tiles. Here’s how they compare:

  • Small: The smallest tile shows only an app’s icon and enables you to pack more tiles into the same space on your display.

  • Medium: This next tile is similar in size to the smallest tiles you can use in Windows 8. In addition to the icon, the medium tile displays the name of the app. For live tiles, the medium tile may alternate between displaying different types of information such as current stock quotes and the latest financial news.

  • Wide: This tile is similar to the largest tile in Windows 8, and is appropriate for live tiles that need to display more information than can be shown on a medium tile.

  • Large: This largest tile is about twice the height of the wide tile and is really great for live tiles that include a lot of information, such as the Weather app tile.

To resize tiles, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the tile (or right-click with your mouse) to display the customization options at the bottom of the screen. You can select more than one tile if you want to resize several at the same time.

  2. Tap or click Resize to display a pop-up list.

  3. Choose the tile size you prefer from the list.


After you’ve resized the tiles to your liking, you can rearrange them by dragging and dropping. Simply press and hold (or click and hold with the mouse) to display a check in the upper-right corner of the tile and then drag it to its new location.