How to Print Envelopes from within Windows 8 - dummies

How to Print Envelopes from within Windows 8

By Andy Rathbone

Although clicking Envelopes in a Windows 8 program’s Page Setup area is fairly easy, printing addresses in the correct spot on the envelope is extraordinarily difficult. Some printer models want you to insert envelopes upside down, but others prefer right side up.


Your best bet is to run several tests, placing the envelope into your printer’s tray in different ways until you finally stumble on the magic method. (Or you can pull out your printer’s manual, if you still have it, and pore over the “proper envelope insertion” pictures.)

After you’ve figured out the correct method for your particular printer, tape a successfully printed envelope above your printer and add an arrow pointing to the correct way to insert it.

Should you eventually give up on printing envelopes, try using Avery’s mailing labels. Buy your preferred size of Avery labels and then download the free Avery Wizard software from Avery’s website.

Compatible with Microsoft Word, the wizard places little boxes on your screen that precisely match the size of your particular Avery labels. Type the addresses into the little boxes, insert the label sheet into your printer, and Word prints everything onto the little stickers. You don’t even need to lick them.

Or buy a little rubber stamp with your return address. It’s much faster than stickers or printers.

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