How to Open the Windows 8.1 Weather and Travel Apps - dummies

How to Open the Windows 8.1 Weather and Travel Apps

By Peter Weverka, Mark Justice Hinton

The Windows 8.1 Start screen is home to numerous programs, or apps (short for applications). An app performs a function or displays information. For example, the Weather app displays a local weather report (surprise!) and the Travel app lets you check on a flight and plan a trip.

1On the Start screen, use a mouse or finger to select the tile labeled Weather.

The Weather app’s splash screen appears briefly with the app name.

2If you see a screen asking Can Weather Use Your Location? Select Allow to let the app determine your location; select Block if you want to manually enter the location later.

The Weather app can determine your location from your network and automatically update your location if you travel with your computer from one city to another.

3Switch back to the Start screen.

Move the mouse pointer to the lower-left corner of the screen. The Start button appears. Click the left mouse button.

With a touchscreen, you also can swipe a finger from the right edge of the screen to display the charms bar. Tap the Start button in the middle of the charms bar.

4On the Start screen, check to see if the Weather tile is displaying current weather information.

The Weather app has a live tile, which displays changing information for a location (even the wrong location is okay for now).

5Switch back to the Weather app by selecting the Weather tile or by switching between the Start screen and the most recently open app.

The Weather app reappears and takes up the full screen.

6Select the Travel tile (look for a suitcase icon).

To see this tile, you may have to move (scroll) the screen to the right using one of these methods:

Mouse: With the mouse pointer anywhere, roll the mouse wheel toward you, or move the mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen without rolling the wheel. Keep moving the mouse to the right to continue scrolling. No mouse buttons are used for this operation. (To scroll left, roll the mouse wheel away from you or move the mouse pointer to the left edge of the screen.)

Touchscreen: Press a finger below the tiles and drag your finger right to left. Or swipe from right to left, lifting your finger quickly. To scroll left, drag or swipe your finger from left to right.

Keyboard: Press the Page Down (PgDn) key to scroll to the right. Press Page Up (PgUp) to scroll to the left.

The Travel flash screen appears briefly. The Travel home screen appears.

7Scroll to the right for an overview of the Travel app.

The Travel app shows travel destinations, photos, and articles.

8Switch to the Start screen.

Note that when you switch between Travel (or another app) and the Start screen, the Weather app remains hidden. Note as well that the live Travel tile shows changing destinations.

9On the Start screen, select the Weather tile.

Switch back and forth from the Weather app to the Start screen a few times to get comfortable switching between an app and the Start screen.