How to Move Windows 8.1 Groups with Semantic Zoom - dummies

How to Move Windows 8.1 Groups with Semantic Zoom

By Woody Leonhard

You may have discovered that you can’t move entire groups of tiles in Windows 8.1. In order to re-arrange the groups, you have to pop in to Semantic Zoom. Here’s how:

  1. Switch to Semantic Zoom, where it’s easy to rearrange groups.

    If you use a touch screen, pinch the screen.

    If you have a mouse, click way, way down in the lower-right corner of the Start screen. (There’s a tiny icon that looks like a minus sign down there just waiting for you to find it.)

    With a click or a pinch, you end up in a zoomed-out view of the Start screen that Microsoft dubs Semantic Zoom.


    While in Semantic Zoom, you can’t move tiles around or create new groups. But you can move the groups you have so they appear in any order.

  2. Click and drag or tap and drag groups until they’re lined up the way you want them.

  3. When you’re done rearranging groups, tap or click any empty place on the Start screen.

    Sit back and enjoy your newly organized Start screen.

Don’t hesitate to go back and change the tiles and groups around. It’s easy, and you can fine-tune it to your heart’s content.