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How to Edit Text on Your Windows 8 Tablet

By Andy Rathbone

Without the pinpoint precision of a mouse pointer, editing a few lines of text on your Windows 8 tablet seems insurmountable. How do you place the cursor in the exact location necessary to excise the unwanted text?

Like nearly anything else on your tablet, it starts with a strategically placed tap.

Double-tap a word near where you want to edit. Windows highlights the word, surrounding it with a small marker on each side. To extend the selection, drag the first marker to the selection’s beginning; drag the second marker to the section’s end.


Different programs vary a little bit from these steps:

  • Sometimes double-tapping a word highlights it, but doesn’t place the markers on each side. If this happens, hold down the Shift key: As you slide your finger, Windows highlights adjacent words. When you’ve highlighted the desired words, lift your finger and press Delete to delete them.

  • Sometimes a tap will simply place a marker on the screen. Then you can drag the marker to the right or left until it’s at the position where you’d like to begin typing.

  • Having trouble putting the cursor where you want it? Try zooming in with your fingers: Straddle the words with your fingertips; then spread your fingers. In many programs, the text increases in size, making it much easier to touch exactly where you want to begin typing or editing.

  • If your tablet came with a stylus, keep it handy. You can quickly and easily mark text for changes by drawing over it with your stylus, much like using a highlighter.