How to Deal with Missing Files in Windows 8 Folders - dummies

How to Deal with Missing Files in Windows 8 Folders

By Andy Rathbone

When you open a folder in Windows 8 — or even look at your desktop — you expect to see everything it contains. But when something’s missing or there’s nothing inside it at all, check these things before panicking:

  • Check the Search box. Whenever you type something into a folder’s Search box — that little box near the folder’s top-right corner — Windows 8 begins looking for it by hiding everything that doesn’t match your search. If a folder isn’t showing everything it should, delete any words you see in the Search box.

  • Make sure that the desktop isn’t hiding things. To make sure that your desktop isn’t cloaking your icons, right-click an empty part of your desktop, choose View, and select the Show Desktop Icons check box.

If everything’s really gone, check out the previous versions of that folder. Windows 8 not only tracks previous versions of files and folders but it keeps track of your desktop’s past life, as well.

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