How to Create a Restore Point for Windows 8 - dummies

How to Create a Restore Point for Windows 8

By Andy Rathbone

Windows 8 is moving away from restore points to its two new Refresh and Reset systems. But old-school System Restore fans can still create and use the trusty Windows restore points to return your PC to a time when it was feeling better.

To create a restore point, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Start screen, type System Restore, and click the word Settings in the Search pane on the right.

    As you begin typing directly at the Start screen, the Search pane appears, listing matches. The Search pane normally searches for apps, so it won’t find any matches. But when you click the word Settings, the Search pane lists all the settings containing the phrase “System Restore.”

  2. Click the Create a Restore Point link.

    The System Properties window appears, opened to the System Protection tab, which lists options for System Restore. Look for the Create button near the bottom.

  3. Click the Create button to fetch the System Protection window, type a name for your new restore point, and then click the System Protection window’s Create button to save the restore point.

    Windows 8 creates a restore point with your chosen name, leaving you some open windows to close.

By creating your own restore points on good days, you’ll know immediately which ones to use on bad days.

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