How to Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to a USB Hub - dummies

How to Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to a USB Hub

By Andy Rathbone

Most accessories plug into your Windows 8 tablet’s USB port. Windows 8 usually recognizes them on the spot and downloads any necessary drivers through the nearest Wi-Fi connection.

Unfortunately, most tablets include a single USB port. That limitation brings us to the first accessory on the list: a portable USB hub. Small, flat, and easily packable, a portable hub plugs into your tablet’s lone USB port and offers two or more USB ports in return.


When choosing a USB hub, stick with these tips:

  • Portable hubs are inexpensive. If you’re paying more than $15, look around for something cheaper. They often sell for under ten dollars.

  • Choose the smallest, flattest hub you can find, so it will lie as flat as possible in your tablet’s case.

  • Buy a hub with an attached cable. Hubs without cables will protrude awkwardly from your tablet’s side. If inadvertently knocked, the force can damage your tablet’s lone USB port.

  • You don’t need a powered USB hub — one that plugs into a wall outlet — unless you’ll be plugging in heavy- duty accessories, like a portable DVD drive. Most USB accessories, including many portable hard drives, work fine on a regular, unpowered USB hub.

  • Some tablets include the newer and faster USB 3.0 ports rather than the standard USB 2.0 ports. If your tablet includes USB 3.0, spend a little extra money for a USB hub that supports the faster USB 3.0 speeds.

  • When you’re not using USB accessories, unplug them from your tablet to preserve battery life. (If your tablet’s plugged into a wall outlet, feel free to leave all your USB accessories attached.)