How to Change Windows 8.1 App Settings - dummies

How to Change Windows 8.1 App Settings

By Peter Weverka, Mark Justice Hinton

You can customize most of the Windows 8.1 apps to suit your needs. In this example, you’ll be changing the settings of the Weather app, but the same basic steps apply to any app.

  1. On the Start screen, select the Weather tile.

  2. In the Weather app, display the charms bar and select the Settings charm using one of the following methods:

    • Mouse: Move the pointer to the lower-right corner of the screen to display the charms bar. Click the Settings charm.

    • Touchscreen: Swipe from the right edge toward the left. Tap Settings.

    • Keyboard: Press Windows key+I to display the Settings panel without displaying the charms bar first. This shortcut key is hard to beat for quick access to Settings.

    It may be hard to remember whether you need the Settings panel or the app bar to do something. In general, functions on the app bar are used more frequently than those on the Settings panel. When in doubt, guess — that’s how discoveries are made.

  3. The Settings panel for Weather appears. Select each of the following settings in Weather. Use the Back button (the back arrow) to move from each of these back to the main Settings panel.


    • The Microsoft Advertising option lets you decide whether Microsoft can direct advertisements to you on the basis of your history using the Weather app.

    • The Options setting displays a screen that includes Search History, which records searches you make in the Weather app for locations. The Clear Weather Searches button erases any previous location searches, but not locations you added or pinned. Leave the Search History settings as they are for now.

    • The About option displays the app’s version number and creator along with additional information.

    • Use the Feedback option to provide direct feedback to the app developer, which in this case is Microsoft. Your comments may help improve the app.

    • The Terms of Use and Privacy Statement options open in the browser web pages with specific legal language regarding the app. In general, you have no rights and they have no liabilities.

    • The Privacy Statement option opens a Web page with information about how the app developer (Microsoft in this case) uses your personal information.

    • The Help option provides information for using the Weather app.


The top portion of the Settings panel is specific to the open app. The bottom section contains systemwide settings.

Changes to settings take effect immediately. You don’t have to save or activate your changes.