How to Calibrate the Stylus on Your Windows 8 Tablet - dummies

How to Calibrate the Stylus on Your Windows 8 Tablet

By Andy Rathbone

The Windows 8 handwriting recognition works quite well on your Windows 8 tablet, because Microsoft’s been perfecting it for many years. However, to make Windows recognize your writing style even more accurately, calibrate it: Let Windows watch as you tap a set of crosshairs on the screen.

Windows compares your onscreen touch with the actual location of the crosshairs, and behaves more accurately. To calibrate your tablet, follow these steps:

  1. From the Desktop, swipe in from your tablet’s right edge to fetch the Charms bar; then tap the Settings icon.

  2. From the Settings pane, choose Control Panel at the top.

    The Control Panel appears.

  3. Tap the Hardware and Touch category; then tap the Tablet PC Settings section.

    The Tablet PC Settings window appears.

  4. From the Tablet PC Settings window, tap the Calibrate button.

    The Calibrate Pen or Touch Input Screens window appears.

  5. Tap Pen Input.

  6. Follow the instructions, tapping on the screen on the crosshairs; then tap the Yes button to save the data.

Windows saves your calibration data, tracking the touch of your stylus that much more accurately. Feel free to repeat these steps anytime you feel Windows doesn’t correctly recognize your stylus.

The Tablet PC Settings includes some other gems to simplify tablet computing:

  • To right-click on a tablet with a stylus, press the stylus against the screen; when a circle appears, lift it, and the right-click menu appears. But if your hand covers the right-click menu, tell Windows you’re left-handed: In Step 4 above, tap the Tablet PC Settings window’s Other tab. Tap the Left-Handed option, and tap OK.

  • While you’re in the Tablet PC Settings area, calibrate your tablet for your touch, as well. In Step 5, choose Touch Input, and tap the crosshairs where they appear.