How to Access SkyDrive from the Windows 8 Desktop - dummies

How to Access SkyDrive from the Windows 8 Desktop

By Andy Rathbone

The Windows 8 SkyDrive app makes it fairly easy to open files you’ve already uploaded to the cloud, but it offers little control. If the Windows 8 Start screen’s SkyDrive app is too simple for your needs, head for the Windows desktop and visit SkyDrive.

The SkyDrive website offers much more control when shuttling files between your computer and the cloud. From the SkyDrive website, you can add, delete, move, and rename files, as well as create folders and move files between folders.


For best results, use the SkyDrive website to upload and manage your files. After you’ve stocked SkyDrive with your favorite files, use the Start screen’s SkyDrive app to access the particular files you need.

For even more control over SkyDrive and your files, download the SkyDrive for Windows program. The desktop program creates a special folder on your computer that mirrors what’s stored on SkyDrive. That makes SkyDrive particularly easy to use: Whenever you change the contents of that special folder on your computer, Windows automatically updates SkyDrive, as well.

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