Finding Functions at the Edge of the Windows 8 Screen - dummies

Finding Functions at the Edge of the Windows 8 Screen

By Andy Rathbone

Part of Windows 8 For Seniors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Windows 8 Start screen provides access to your apps (programs). Select a tile (square or rectangle) to start an app. Live tiles display current information, such as DOW (the Finance app) and the Weather app. In addition, all four edges of the screen provide access to tools you’ll need. These bars remain off-screen (in most cases) until you make them appear using a finger, the mouse, or the keyboard:

  • Charms bar: From the right edge of the screen, the Charms bar displays five charms (buttons, if you will): Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings. As you explore new apps, be sure to see how these functions change with each app.

  • App Switcher: From the left edge of the screen, the app switcher provides several ways of switching between apps and the Start screen.

  • Snap: If your screen supports this feature, you can snap an app to the left or right to use two apps at once.

  • App bars: Access app-specific functions at the top or bottom of the screen (or both). For example, the Weather app bar lets you pick a city, whereas a game may have an undo option in its app bar.