Copy or Move Files or Folders on Your Windows 8 Tablet

By Andy Rathbone

Selecting items on the desktop of your Windows 8 table with your fingers can consume a lot of time. But once you’ve selected them, it’s fairly easy to copy or move them to a new location by following these steps:

1From File Explorer, tap the Home tab.

The Ribbon menu changes, showing file management icons.

2Tap the Move To or Copy To icons.

A menu drops down from your tapped icon, listing locations where you’ve previously saved items. If you spot your destination, tap it to complete the process.

Don’t spot the destination on the menu? Then choose the entry at the list’s bottom: Choose Location.

The Copy To or Move To Window appears.

3Select the items’ destination from the window; then tap the Copy or Move button to send your items to their new destination.

The Copy Items or Move Items window works much like a tiny Navigation pane that you see along the left edge of every folder. Tap Libraries to send your items to your Documents, Music, Pictures, or Videos libraries, for example.

Or to send items to a flash drive, tap your flash drive from the drives listed in the Computer section.

When you’ve chosen your items’ resting place, tap the Copy or Move button in the bottom. (The button’s name depends on whether you tapped the Copy To or Move To icons in Step 2.)