Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to External Speakers or a Home Stereo

By Andy Rathbone

If you’re watching your Windows 8 tablet’s movies on an external monitor — perhaps even on a wide-screen TV — you’ll want to route your sound to your home stereo rather than the tinny speakers built into most monitors and TVs.

You may have already followed these steps to connect a portable music player to your stereo. If you haven’t or you want a refresher, follow these steps to route your tablet’s sound to your home stereo:

  1. Buy a cable with a single 1/8-inch stereo jack on one end and two RCA jacks on the other end.

    This same handy cable can be used to connect any portable music player like an iPad, iPod, or cellphone to a home stereo.


  2. Plug the cable’s small end into your tablet’s earphone jack.

    Most tablets place tiny pictures of headphones and a microphone next to this jack.

  3. Plug the cable’s two RCA jacks into your stereo’s Audio Input or Line In jacks.

    You can plug the cable into any unused Audio Input jack on your home stereo. The red jack plugs into the audio jack labeled Right. The other end plugs into the audio jack labeled Left.

Now that you’ve connected your tablet’s sound to your stereo, make sure it works. Play some music or a video on your tablet and turn its volume up about a third of the way.

Then turn on your home stereo, turn down the volume, and switch your stereo to play music from the audio input jacks you used in Step 3. As you turn up the stereo’s volume, you should hear your tablet playing through your home stereo speakers.