How to View RSS Feeds in Internet Explorer 8

By Nancy C. Muir

RSS Feeds is an Internet Explorer 8 feature you can use to view the latest news updates to sites you monitor. Many kinds of Web sites are updated daily weekly, and news sites update headlines as soon as news happens. Rather than going out to each site to see if there are any updates, you can use the RSS Feeds feature in IE 8 to alert you to updates automatically. RSS feeds are a great way to keep track of the latest news and changes to your favorite blogs.

  1. Click the Favorites button; then click the Feeds tab to display a list of recent RSS feeds.

    The RSS Feeds pane.

    The RSS Feeds pane.

    The Favorites button is the yellow star in the upper-left corner.

  2. Click a feed to display it.


  3. You can also click the View Feeds on This Page button on the toolbar to view the latest feeds.

    The View Feeds on This Page button is grayed out when no RSS feeds are on the current page, and it turns Red when feeds are present.

Although Internet Explorer has an RSS feed reader built in, you can explore other feed readers. Just type “RSS feeds” into Internet Explorer’s Search box to find more information and listings of readers and RSS feed sites.