How to Use Windows 7 Logo Key Shortcuts - dummies

How to Use Windows 7 Logo Key Shortcuts

By Greg Harvey

Most keyboards now have a special Windows logo key. Because these keyboards are so prevalent, Windows 7 has increased the number of keyboard shortcuts that use this key. You can use Windows logo key shortcuts for everything from opening key system folders (such as the Control Panel) to flipping through open windows to locking your PC.

The Windows logo key is usually located to the immediate left of the Alt key on the bottom row of the keyboard.


The table that follows lists all the great keyboard shortcuts that Windows 7 supports for those of you with keyboards blessed with the special Windows logo key.

Press This To Do This
Win Display or hide the Windows 7 Start Menu
Win+Pause/Break Open the System information window
Win+D Toggle between hiding all open windows to display the Windows 7
desktop and redisplaying all the windows
Win+M Minimize all open windows on the desktop
Win+Shift+M Redisplay all minimized windows on the desktop
Win+E Open Computer in an Explorer window
Win+F Open Search Results in an Explorer window
Win+L Lock the computer or switch users
Win+R Open the Run dialog box
Win+T Cycle through programs open on the Windows taskbar
Win+Tab Cycle through open windows in Flip 3-D
Ctrl+Win+Tab Cycle through open windows in Flip 3-D using your arrow
Win+spacebar Preview the desktop by making all open windows transparent
except for their outlines
Win+U Open the Ease of Access Center Control Panel window
Win+X Open the Windows Mobility Center
Win+[number key] Open Quick Launch buttons on the taskbar in order. For example,
when you press Win+1, Windows opens the Internet Explorer window if
Internet Explorer is the first Quick Launch button.