How to Set Up Microsoft Update for Other Applications in Windows 7 - dummies

How to Set Up Microsoft Update for Other Applications in Windows 7

By Mark Justice Hinton

By default, Windows 7 automatically looks for updates to the Windows 7 operating system without you having to do a thing. But you need to manually set up Microsoft Update if you want Windows 7 to look for updates to your other Microsoft programs, such as Microsoft Office.

  1. Click Start and type update in the Search Programs and Files text box. Click Windows Update in the resulting list of matching programs.

    The Windows Update screen appears.


  2. 2Click the Find Out More link next to Get Updates for Other Microsoft Products.


    Internet Explorer launches and automatically browses the Microsoft Update site.

    If you don’t have this option, the choice to check for additional updates may already be selected (see Step 6).

  3. Select the check box next to I Accept the Terms of Use. Then click Install.

    What choice do you have, really?

  4. Click Yes through any User Account Control boxes that might appear.

    A Web page appears, indicating that Microsoft Update was successfully installed.

  5. Click the X in the upper-right corner to close the browser window.

    Windows Update automatically starts and searches for updates.


    The You Receive Updates option now states “For Windows and Other Products from Microsoft Update.”

    If the Windows Update doesn’t begin searching automatically, click the Check for updates link in the left panel.

  6. If updates are found, decide which ones you want to install.

    In Windows 7, a new option appears on Windows Update: Find Out More About Free Software from Microsoft Update. Click the link labeled Click Here for Details to find out more about this program in which you’re notified about new software from Microsoft.