How to Play Internet Backgammon in Windows 7 - dummies

How to Play Internet Backgammon in Windows 7

By Mark Justice Hinton

Most of the games included in Windows 7 are based on well-known card games or board games. One of the newest Microsoft games is Internet Backgammon. When you play Internet Backgammon in Windows 7, you’re actually playing against people all over the world instead of playing against a computer.

The easiest way to access Internet Backgammon is through the Games Explorer in Windows 7 — a central hub where all your Microsoft games are stored along with your player statistics and information about the last time you played each game.

  1. Choose Start→Games to open the Games Explorer. Click Internet Backgammon.


    You’ll see a preview pane for Internet Backgammon.

    The first time you open the Games Explorer, the Set Up Games dialog box appears. Click the option labeled Yes, Use Recommended Settings to get to the Games Explorer.

  2. Click Play.


    After a couple of messages, the game board appears. The computer displays a message at the bottom of the board telling which color you are playing. White gets to roll first.

  3. To contact your opponent, select from a list of available messages by clicking on Select a Message to Send. Select Off under Chat if you don’t want to exchange messages with your opponent.

    Unlike a lot of other Internet games, Internet Backgammon doesn’t allow free-form chat. You’ll have to suffice by selecting generic remarks from the list.

  4. Your goal is to move all your markers from your end of the board around to the other end in a sideways U.


    Click Roll; use the numbers on the dice to determine how far you can move one (combined dice) or two of your pieces (one die per piece).

  5. Roll, move, and chat.

    When you move your pieces, keep these thoughts in mind:

    • You can’t land where your opponent has two or more markers.

    • If one player lands on another player’s single marker, that single marker goes in the middle. The player whose marker is in the middle must roll to move the marker back to his starting area at one end of the board.

    • If you have markers in the middle, you cannot move any other pieces until your middle pieces are moved back to your starting area.

    Everyone starts as a beginner. To move up, choose Game→Skill Level to select Intermediate or Expert. The next time you start the game, the settings will take effect.

  6. If you’re done playing, click the Resign button in the right pane.

    The loss counts against your statistics. Of course, if you win the game and want to stop, just close Backgammon without starting a new game.