How to E-Mail a Photo in Windows 7 - dummies

How to E-Mail a Photo in Windows 7

By Nancy C. Muir

E-mailing a photo in Windows 7 is a great way to share your photos with your friends and family. Most people today have access to a digital camera (even if only on their cell phones) and have started swapping photos like crazy, both online and off. In Windows 7, you can send a photo to your favorite e-mail program directly from your Pictures Library.

  1. Choose Start→Pictures. In the Pictures Library, click a thumbnail to select the photo you want to send.

    Picture files selected in Pictures Library.
    Picture files selected in Pictures Library.

    To choose multiple photos, hold down the Ctrl key and click additional thumbnails.

  2. Right-click the selected files and choose Send To→Mail Recipient.


    The Attach Files dialog box opens.

  3. Change the photo size by clicking the Picture Size drop-down arrow and choosing another size from the list if you wish.

    Most e-mail programs limit the size of e-mail messages. You might encounter problems sending larger photo files, and even if you don’t, others might have trouble receiving them.

    Although you can send a video file as an e-mail attachment, you can’t resize it; video files make photo files look tiny by comparison, so it’s probably better to send one at a time, if at all.

  4. Click Attach.

    An e-mail form from your default e-mail appears with your photo attached.

  5. Fill out the e-mail form with an addressee, subject, and message, and then click Send.

    You can also open an e-mail form first. Then, with the Photo Viewer open, click and drag a photo to your e-mail. However, this method attaches the photo at its original file size.