How to Add a Tag to a Digital Image in the Windows 7 Photo Viewer - dummies

How to Add a Tag to a Digital Image in the Windows 7 Photo Viewer

By Nancy C. Muir

Trying to find one specific image can be a long and daunting task when faced with the thousands of photos in your Pictures Library. Tags are Microsoft’s tool for helping you keep track of what’s in your photos, and they’re easy to add with Windows Photo Viewer.

  1. To create a new tag, choose Start→Pictures. Right-click a photo and choose Properties.

    The Properties dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Details tab.


  3. Click the Tags item and a field appears. Enter a tag(s) in the field and click OK to save the tag.


    A tag is a word or phrase that indicates what or who is in the picture, where or when the picture is taken, are any other characteristic you might want to use to find this image later. If you want to add more than one tag, separate the tags with a comma.

  4. Open the Pictures Library in Windows Explorer in Details view, and locate the newly tagged file.

    The tag will appear in the Details Pane. To see a list of all photos in Windows Explorer organized by tags, click the arrow on the Arrange By item and choose Tag.

To delete a tag, just display the photo Properties dialog box again, click to the right of the tag, and press Backspace.