How to Activate Parental Controls in Windows 7 - dummies

How to Activate Parental Controls in Windows 7

By Dan Gookin

The key to using parental controls is to properly configure multiple accounts on your PC. Specifically, a parent’s account must be at the administrator level, or the parent must have access to an administrator-level account. Set up a standard user account for the child/teenager. Only standard user accounts can have parental controls applied.

To extend your parental fingers into the PC, and better regulate Junior’s computer use, you must activate the parental controls in Windows 7. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open the Control Panel.

  2. Choose Set Up Parental Controls for Any User beneath the heading User Accounts and Family Safety.

    The Parental Controls window appears, listing all accounts on the computer.

  3. Choose the account to control; click its icon.

    The account must be a Limited account. If your kid doesn’t have a Limited account, change the account type to Limited using the Manage Another Account link in the main User Accounts window.

  4. Close the Windows Live Family Safety Filter window if it appears.

    Windows Live offers additional protection for your computer, but that service isn’t covered in this book.

  5. In the User Controls window, choose On, Enforce Current Settings.

    After the settings are enforced, you can apply the parental controls to the account you’re modifying.

The next several sections cover all the individual controls you can apply to the account.

You need to repeat the steps in this section for each kid’s account on your PC.