Why Does Windows 10 Keep Changing? - dummies

Why Does Windows 10 Keep Changing?

By Andy Rathbone

Microsoft calls Windows 10 a service rather than an operating system. Like any other service, it’s subject to changes. Every month or two, Microsoft changes Windows 10 slightly. Some of Microsoft’s changes occur more quickly: Your apps, for example, can update weekly. Some update daily.

Other changes arrive every six months, packed into large groups. You may have heard about the Anniversary Update in mid-2016, and the Creator’s Update in 2017. Another big update arrived in early 2018, bringing even more changes.

You may not notice these changes. Indeed, most of them just fix hundreds of annoying bugs, making Windows 10 run and install more smoothly.

Microsoft sends these updates automatically to your computer through Windows Update; you don’t need to jump through hoops to find and install them.

Your apps update themselves automatically through the Microsoft Store. That’s why the Music app automatically changed its name to the Groove Music app, for example. The Photos app suddenly added a way to search your photos by folder and to create slideshows.

So, when something suddenly changes with Windows 10, don’t think it’s your fault. Microsoft constantly changes Windows 10, and Windows will keep changing for years to come.