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Why the Future of Reliable Storage Is in the Cloud

By Woody Leonhard

With Windows 10, Microsoft wants you to put your data in the cloud. Microsoft has turned into a bigtime fan of cloud storage. New features in Windows 10 are designed to make it easier for you to put your data in the cloud — preferably Microsoft’s cloud, OneDrive, of course.

Yes, part of the motivation is to get you to pay for cloud storage, or at least lock you in to Microsoft’s cloud offerings. But a big part of the reason for steering you to cloud storage is that it’s better.

Yes, you read that right. Cloud storage is better than local storage, for most people in most situations. One of the big reasons why: backup. You don’t have to sweat backup when your data is in the cloud. There are rare examples of people who have lost data saved on one of the cloud storage systems — OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Box, and so on.

Contrast that with local storage. If you’ve been using computers for any length of time at all, chances are good that you’ve lost some data. If you know ten people who store data on their own PCs, probably ten of them have lost data.

So scoff at cloud storage if you like. Worry about the privacy problems. Fret over maintaining an Internet connection. But contrast that with the possibility — no, the likelihood — that you’ll lose data by managing it yourself. No contest!