Using Your Fingers to Access Your Device with Windows 10 - dummies

Using Your Fingers to Access Your Device with Windows 10

This video provides a brief description of each of the touch gestures you can use in Windows 10 and what functions each gesture provides. You can use a multitude of gestures to interact with the operating system on your device. Tapping an app once opens the item for you to use. Pressing and holding on an app provides information to help you learn more about the item. Many users associate this feature with right‐clicking a mouse. You will see how the pinch and spread gesture allows you to zoom in or out on an item in Windows 10. Dragging your finger along the screen in any direction allows you to browse through the content on the screen. Swiping quickly from the right side of the screen will open the Action Center in Windows 1. If you swipe quickly from the left side, you see a list of Recently Accessed places. Putting two or more fingers on the screen and turning will allow you to rotate any item. Using all of the gestures described in this video, you are able to quickly and easily access anything you need in Windows 10.