Tweak the Windows 10 Mail App's Settings - dummies

Tweak the Windows 10 Mail App’s Settings

By Andy Rathbone

Click the little gear icon in the Windows 10’s Mail app’s bottom‐left corner, and the Settings pane slides into view along the app’s right edge. There, the Mail app lets you adjust its behavior. Here are some of the most useful switches:

  • Manage Accounts: Head here to tweak the settings of your currently entered email accounts, as well as to add new accounts. Once an email account’s settings finally work, though, you rarely need to change them.
  • Personalization: Interior decorators can visit here to change the Mail app’s colors.
  • Options: Here’s where you can adjust how the app responds to your fingers on a touchscreen. You can also change your signature — the words appearing beneath every email you send.
  • Automatic Replies: Head here to create an “I’m sunning myself in Mazatlán for the next week” reply. The Mail app then automatically sends that reply to any email you receive while vacationing.
  • Signature: Microsoft automatically slips the words “Sent from Mail from Windows 10” to every email you send. Head here to either turn it off or change the wording.
  • Trust Center: This oddly named and mysterious entry lets you control whether Microsoft can send you information based on your email’s content. Presumably, this authorizes Microsoft’s robots to send you pertinent ads, as well as for Cortana to read your mail. (When the Trust Center pane appears, click the Learn More link to read Microsoft’s online privacy page.)
  • Feedback: A holdover from when Microsoft let people test Windows 10 before its release, this option lets you send Microsoft comments about the app’s performance. Presumably, somebody at Microsoft is still listening.
  • About: Handy mostly when troubleshooting, this area reveals the app’s version number.

You may never need to set foot in the Settings area, but when things go wrong, this is usually the first troubleshooting destination.