The Reader App in Windows 10's Microsoft Edge - dummies

The Reader App in Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge

By Peter Weverka

You can use the Reader app in Microsoft Edge, the Internet browser that comes with Windows 10, to examine a PDF. Open Microsoft Edge if it isn’t already open.

  1. Type in the address box and press Enter.

    A U.S. government web page opens, showing a W-4 tax form. You can read this form in the Reader app after you download it.

    If you see the message Make Adobe Reader My Default PDF Application, select Cancel. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program often used to open these documents on computers other than Windows 10.

  2. Save this PDF file to your computer with one of these methods:

    • Right-click and choose Save As on the context menu.

    • Hold your finger on the screen until Save As appears on the context menu.

    In the Save As dialog box, save the file to the Downloads folder and select the Save button.

  3. Open the Reader app and select Browse on the Reader screen.

    In the Open dialog box, go to the Downloads folder, select the fw4 file, and tap or click the Open button. The W-4 form opens in Reader, as shown.


  4. In Reader, select the app button in the upper-left corner of the screen and choose App Commands (or press the Windows button + Z) to display the app bar.

  5. Select the Two Pages button on the app bar to display two pages simultaneously.

    Select One Page to see just one page at a time. Continuous displays the largest size text and less than one page at a time.

  6. In the Reader app bar, select Find, which enables you to search a document for text.

  7. Type dependent and then select the magnifying glass or press the Enter key.

    Every instance of matching text is highlighted. Select Next or Previous to move through the document. Select Results to display a list of matching items in context (useful for long documents). Select Close to end the search.

  8. Display the app bar one more time and then select More, which displays the following functions:

    • Rotate is useful if the document is not rotated correctly.

    • Info displays information about the document, including who created it and when, as well as the document length. Permissions indicate what functions are available, with printing being the most important.

  9. To print this document, select Print.

    The Print dialog box opens. Select your printer and then select the Print button (or select Cancel).

    Some documents are quite long, requiring more than one page of paper. Be certain that you want to print.

  10. Close the Reader app.