Switching to Airplane Mode in Windows 10 - dummies

Switching to Airplane Mode in Windows 10

By Andy Rathbone

Most people enjoy working with their tablets or laptops during a long flight, and you can do so in Airplane mode in Windows 10. Portable devices are great for watching movies and playing games while pretending to catch up on some work.

But most airlines make you turn off your wireless connection while the plane is in flight, referred to in airport lingo as Airplane mode.

To turn on Airplane mode, follow these steps:


  1. Click or tap the Action Center icon near the clock in the screen’s bottom‐right corner. The Action Center pane appears.
  2. Tap or click the word Expand above the row of buttons.
    The Action Center pane normally shows four buttons along its bottom edge; tapping or clicking Expand reveals a row of hidden additional buttons.


  3. Click or tap your Airplane Mode icon.
    When the button is highlighted, Airplane mode is on, which turns off your tablet’s radios: WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

To turn off Airplane mode and reconnect to the Internet, repeat these steps. This time, however, you toggle off Airplane mode, which reactivates your Wi‐Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Airplane mode not only puts your tablet and laptop in compliance with airline safety rules, but it conserves battery life, as well. Feel free to keep your computer in Airplane mode even when you’re not on an airplane.

Airplane mode turns off not only your computer’s wireless but its cellular gear, as well, if you have a cellular data plan. It’s a handy way to shut off all your computer’s radio activity with one switch.