Performing Quick Searches in Windows 10 - dummies

Performing Quick Searches in Windows 10

When you start up Windows 10 for the first time, you may notice an odd new box on the taskbar, just to the right of the Start button. That’s Cortana — your new digital assistant that comes with Windows 10. She helps you find information whether it’s on your computer or on the internet. All you have to do is type a few words from one of your files into the box and Cortana should find the file and list its name. To open the file, just click it. Cortana also understands speech commands. Click the microphone in the box and say your command. Or, just preface your command with the words, “Hey Cortana”. She listens to what you say and responds. It does take some time for Cortana to grow used to your voice, and you need time to get used to her limited vocabulary — but be patient, once you understand each other you’ll see Cortana can be a big help.

There’s also a dedicated Search box in the upper-right corner of every app. Type your search term and press Enter to search inside the app.