How to View Photo Albums with the Windows 10 Photo App

By Andy Rathbone

The Windows 10 Photo app’s Albums mode comes in handy. Everybody likes to take pictures, but only a meticulous few like to spend a few hours organizing them, weeding out the bad ones, and sorting them into easily accessible folders.

In Albums mode, the Photo app turns its robotic eye on all of your photos, weeds out the duplicates, finds a splashy one for the cover, and names it by the date of the photo session.

To view the Photo app’s albums, follow these steps:

  1. From the Start menu, click the Photos tile.

    The Photos app quickly appears to show its Collection mode: a string of photos sorted by the order you shot them.

  2. From the Photo app’s left menu, choose Albums.

    The Photos app sorts your photos into albums that represent the best of your session.

    Click Albums to see your photos sorted by session.
    Click Albums to see your photos sorted by session.

    From here, you can do several things:

    • Click the Camera Roll tile: Click the Camera Roll session to view photos taken from your smartphone and automatically uploaded to OneDrive. The app doesn’t weed out the duplicates, but it’s a quick way to see how your life appears when seen through the lens of your smartphone.

    • Click a dated tile: The app sorts each collection of photos by date. Click a date, and the Photos app shows you the best of that day’s photos, shown here.

      Click a date to see your best photos from that session.
      Click a date to see your best photos from that session.
  3. Click any photo to view it.

    The Photos app fills the screen with the photo; to see more, click the Next or Previous arrows along the photos left and right edges.

The Photo app takes its best guess as to which photos work best for each session. Taking mercy on the vacation-photo-saturated relatives sitting on your couch, the app leaves out a lot of your photos. That’s usually a good thing, as it’s smart enough to remove duplicates and blurry photos.

But if you want to change which photos should be included, scroll to the bottom of the app’s list of photos. Then click the Add or Remove Photos button. There, you find checkboxes next to all the photos, so you can pick and choose what should be included.