How to Use the Settings App to Personalize your Computer with Windows 10 - dummies

How to Use the Settings App to Personalize your Computer with Windows 10

This video illustrates how to use the enhanced Settings app that is available in Windows 10. The Settings app is described by category. Settings can be accessed from the Start menu. This video shows the icons and functions that are available in the Settings app. The Systems category is a general place to find settings that don't belong anywhere else. For example, you can change your screen's resolution here and define how you want the Maps app to work when it's not connected to the internet. The Devices category lets you adjust anything physical with your computer, such as a mouse or printer. As you will see, the Network & Internet category allows you to access Internet and WiFi settings, as well as VPN. The Personalization setting lets you customize your computer.The Accounts category lets you create and manage user accounts in Windows 10. The Time & Language category is helpful to those that travel and need to update time zones or languages as necessary. You will see how the Ease of Access setting allows you to change settings for any impairment you may have, such as hearing or seeing difficulties. The Privacy section allows you to manage the amount of information gathered about you when browsing the internet. The Update and Security category lets you set up the File History backup option and manage security options on your device.